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CK Elite Personal Training

"Your Passport to Personal Wellbeing"

Our mission is to provide first class personal training. We will support you through a structured programme of exercise and diet to achieve your goal.

It is your chance to get a personal one-to-one discussion with CK Elite to find out your goals and aims and plan your way to
a healthier wellbeing.

Allow yourself to be personal trained by a International Great Britain Athlete. The ONLY Great Britain Athlete Personal Trainer in the Whole of the North East.

Chris will work closely with yourself to achieve your goals and dreams. In doing so he will use his ability to inspire and motivate you like never before. The knowledge Chris gained from been around some of the world class athletes and coaches would be passed on to you, to help you achieve your dreams. Whether it is to lose weight, tone up, build up muscle or just get that feel good factor, CK Elite is here for YOU!

We have a range of Program Packages which will based around your goals as the client.

BRONZE PACKAGE - Our basic program package designed around yourself and aimed at beginners looking at starting a healthier state of wellbeing.

SILVER PACKAGE - Offers you a in depth training program with advice towards nutrition to help achieve your goals faster.

GOLD PACKAGE - Is our Elite package, offering a full nutritional program, with a weekly training program designed for you to achieve those goals faster.

BOOT CAMP/ GROUP SESSIONS - Your chance to get involved with a group of people willing to achieve the same outcome, Challenge yourself.
Please contact for price. Venues for boot camp to come soon!!!

CK Elite will provide personal training based upon; home, park, local area visits.

SO drop us an email now, or pick up the phone and book your FREE consultation.

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